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The IDM Jump-start and Mentor (i.JAM) programme aims to drive innovation and entrepreneurship by creating in Singapore a capacity for continuous and self-sustaining grassroots innovation.

Under this programme, the i.JAM Micro-funding Scheme (i.JAM scheme) will support start-ups and individuals with breakthrough ideas that can be developed into innovative products and services. This will be done through a network of incubators who will work closely with IDMPO to manage i.JAM according to the spirit and intent of the i.JAM programme.

The i.JAM initiative marshals support from industry players, business mentors and technology suppliers to provide bottom-up support to the transforming of innovative ideas into useful applications and breakthroughs.

Visit the following sections for more information.

i.JAM Micro Funding Scheme Summary: More infomation about the scheme to support startups in their exploration of the technical merit or feasibility of technologies and ideas that have the potential to create business disruptions and build new industry subsectors.

i.JAM Project Application: Please contact the below incubators to obtain the latest application forms.

i.JAM Incubators: Appointed incubators of i.Jam

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