Press release: Taking digital publishing to the next level of interactivity and monetization

11 October 2010, Singapore - Tien Wah Press (TWP), one of the largest printers in the world and Personal e-Motion (PEM), a fast-growing technology company, today announced their strategic partnership agreement. This will see TWP and PEM developing an exciting digital solution for the publishing industry, focusing on the creation of full-color, interactive e-books conversion and distribution services. Called the TWP Digital Solution, this new service offers publishers a cost-effective way to develop and deliver interactive content at a much shorter turnaround time.

The TWP Digital Solution will also provide e-book readers with an enhanced user experience. The e-book reader will enjoy better interactions with their favourite book titles. Additional animated and interactive digital content could include moving pictures, games revolving around the storyline and access to further background information on a particular topic within the book.

This agreement involves PEM providing TWP with its patented digital publishing technology (called KooBits). KooBits is able to create an e-book application, complete with full-blown interactive media, at a much faster speed. TWP will manage the marketing of this new e-service to its global publisher clients and partners in USA, UK, Australia, Europe, Japan and South East Asia. This will allow the TWP Digital Solution to potentially reach out to hundreds of thousands of book titles that have yet to be converted into digital content products. In this collaboration, TWP has initialled more than $500,000 to PEM for the license of the patented KooBits e-book development technology.

The TWP Digital Solution will create e-books, which have a more competitive pricing, a faster delivery speed and a better user experience. With the growth of mobile devices, ubiquitous use of the internet across all age groups and popular adoption of the social networks, the demand for more engaging digital content products is expected to rise drastically in the next 2 to 3 years. Empowered by PEM-TWP’s new solution, publishers can now convert bigger volume of titles in a much shorter timeframe, delivering e-book titles through a range of new digital channels to enable new ways of monetization. This is a nascent, untapped and fast growing global market.

“This is indeed a unique collaboration and a very special offering,” said Mr Yoichi Sanada, Managing Director of Tien Wah Press. “We are really excited to bring to the table our 75 years of experience working with publishers all around the world and to be working with such a dynamic team at PEM. TWP strives to offer the most relevant and cutting edge publishing solutions to our clients and we strongly believe that the TWP Digital Solution is a natural extension of our current suite of offerings. We are one of the first printers to offer pop-up books production. Now, we are again in that leading position to offer three dimensional content production, only this time it is three dimensional digital content! We have been really encouraged by the positive response to this Digital Solution that we have received by our publishing customers and are looking forward getting their e-books to the market!”

“It is very exciting to partner such an established printing partner as Tien Wah Press. Combining PEM’s strength in digital publishing technology and TWP’s print publishing establishment and its global marketing and sales network, we can definitely offer publishers strong and unique value propositions for their digital book business. Through this partnership, we look forward to bringing a whole new level of interactivity for the readers as well, creating fresh experiences for what may be previously read material,” said Mr Stanley Han, Co-founder and CEO of Personal e-Motion Pte Ltd.

Publishers react positively to TWP and PEM’s new service divisions

The TWP Digital Solution has been officially launched at the Frankfurt Book Fair, on 6-10 October 2010. Already, the response from publishers has been overwhelming. “Tien Wah Press is definitely very tuned-in to the publishing industry to offer this Digital Solution at this critical crossroads in the publishing industry,” said Mr Didier Millet of Editions Didier Millet, a major Lifestyle and Reference book publisher with its headquarters in Singapore. “We can’t wait to see our content taken to a new level with the TWP Digital Solution.”

"We look forward to working with TWP who’s been a quality partner in print on extending our presence in electronic form and adding some fun elements to our books in the process," said Mr Terry Nantier, Founder and President of Papercutz, a graphic novel publishing company for tweens, and Publisher of NBM Books.

“TWP have served us well for our print needs, and with their Digital Solutions initiative they seem well positioned to offer publishers an efficient and impressive integrated service for producing digital products,” said Mr Chris Hemesath,
Production Director, Weldon Owen Inc., a publisher of premium-quality illustrated reference, lifestyle and education books.

PEM raise more than SGD2million in venture funding.

PEM has succeeded in raising more than SGD2 million in investments led by Accel-X Pte Ltd. The fund will be used to increase manpower to further enhance its lead in digital publishing technology, and to expand its business development activities in USA, Europe and East Asia.

“The tie up between PEM and TWP is timely and significant, as the market has evolved to the point where the demand is for E-Content in general, to be more engaging and interactive. I believe that this demand will take off globally. TWP has
again and again shown its ability to read the market and adopt technology at the right time” said Mr Edmund Yong, Managing Partner of Accel-X Pte Ltd

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About Personal e-Motion
Personal e-Motion (PEM) creates innovative IDM (Interactive Digital Media) solutions for publishing, education, and entertainment. Its patented and award-winning product, KooBits, is an IDM platform technology which instantly equips other digital applications to possess interactive and intelligent digital media capabilities. KooBits brings the full potential of technology into publishing, learning and entertainment, and provides one of the most cost-effective ways of creating truly dynamic and interactive digital content. PEM is a spin off from the National University of Singapore, funded by Accel-X Pte Ltd.
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About Tien Wah Press
Tien Wah Press (Pte) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd. (DNP) that is based in Singapore with sales' offices in the United States of America (New York, San Francisco & Pennsylvania), the United Kingdom (London), France (Paris) and Australia (Sydney). Tien Wah Press (TWP) is one of the world's largest total print solution providers, renowned internationally as a leader in high quality offset printing. The numerous Print Excellence Awards we have received further endorse our accolades. We benchmark world-class quality in print, with an equally committed focus on service excellence, recognised and commended globally.
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About Accel-X Pte Ltd
Accel-X is a Singapore based Venture fund that invest in early to growth stage technology companies in Singapore and Brunei.
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