Inaugural launch of Accelerator Workshop Series (AWS)

AWS is a new initiative by IDMPO that aims to catalyze market adoption of home-grown interactive digital media by strategically matching local start-ups and technology providers with leading corporations in the various business sectors.The Interactive Digital Media Programme Office (IDMPO) and NUS Enterprise jointly launched the inaugural Accelerator Workshop Series (AWS) at the NUS Innovfest event on April 20.

Outlining the vision for AWS, Mr. Michael Yap, Executive Director of the Interactive Digital Media Programme Office (IDMPO), said, “Over the last few years, we have built up a palpable start-up ecosystem and emerging world-class research capabilities. We are focusing to speedily bring these technologies and innovation to market. We hope to bring together the nation as an IDM innovation platform, with scale and meaningful partnerships among key demand drivers, start-ups and research centres.”

In connecting the vision with the realities of the stakeholders involved, anchor industry partners StarHub, Far East Organization and the Singapore Tourism Board presented their business needs, while start-ups and researchers demonstrated relevant technologies, products and services that were ready for market adoption. Among the latter were IDMPO i.JAM start-ups Stream Media, Tyler Projects, Zopim, Flight Media, ZelRealm Interactive, Gozo Labs and Kai Square. T.Ware, a spinoff company from one of IDMPO’s public call projects, was also present.

The goal of the Tourism AWS is to have demand drivers and co-creation partners work together to improve the quantity and quality of innovation in the tourism sector, and create unique tourist experiences by applying innovative IDM technologies to increase productivity and enable customization of compelling experiences for the tech-savvy tourist.

“This workshop enables technology innovators and demand drivers to better understand each other’s needs and capabilities. More importantly, the outcome of these projects will be presented to senior management of the demand drivers in a few months’ time, for their support and implementation,” said Dr. Lily Chan, Chief Executive Officer, NUS Enterprise.

The call for expressions of interests from demand drivers, co-creation partners and to-market partners are now on here.

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