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Inspiring Innovation
Fueling the Future of Media

We are launching the “Future of Media” Initiative to catalyse growth in the interactive digital media (IDM) sector. In 2009, we are including Future Mobile, Future Games, Future TV, Future Worlds and Future Books.

The vision of Future of Media is to pull together companies and combine collectively their user base, distribution networks, development platforms and marketing/ promotion resources with a common goal of accelerating the path to global market and success. Under each Future area, a Partner Network will serve to form a compelling platform for other companies to experiment and commercialise their offerings.

Partner Network

We aim to build a self sustaining mini ecosystem by clustering start-ups, small & medium enterprises and key anchor companies in each of the five areas (cluster called “Partner Networks”). Each Partner Network is encouraged to evolve its own developments based on commercial needs and interests. Companies can benefit from being part of the Partner Network by:

  • Synergising to bring about the best of breed offerings;
  • Leveraging on one another’s customer base, market access and partners;
  • Harnessing one another’s capabilities;
  • Inspiring and facilitating innovation; and
  • Jointly make Calls for Proposals.

Our Support

Through industry feedback, we understand that companies in this sector face industry challenges in the areas of access to global markets, fragmented local demand, scale and access to funding. We will provide support to fuel growth of this sector through facilitating partnership opportunities for our local companies and match making them with other like-minded industry players:

Projects arising from Partner Networks in these five areas could tap on existing funding schemes for support.

Call for Participation

We are calling for participation in each of the 5 Future areas. Companies which are interested to respond to this Call for Participation may indicate their interest by sending an email to MDA_IMG@mda.gov.sg.

Announcements for Call for Proposals
Future Mobile, Future Games and Future Worlds are announcing Calls for Proposals. The details of each Call will be announced to the industry in April 2009 with a 2 month submission period. Proposals will be jointly evaluated by IDMPO and our network partners.

Please refer to sections behind for more information on each area of the Future of Media.



A few IDMPO funded companies have garnered interest from the public recently.

Personal e-Motion

Personal e-Motion was featured in The Straits Times because its key product KooBits, has caught on like wildfire in schools here and overseas. Three years ago, only four schools here used it; that number has now grown to 80. About 80,000 budding writers in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and China are users.

The program’s appeal lies in its host of easy-to-use multimedia features, said teachers and students. KooBits is now used in schools not only to teach English, but also science, mother tongue and mathematics.

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MXR Corporation

MXR Corporation was also recently featured for wIzQubesTM, a 3D Interactive Mixed Reality Storytelling product which completely revolutionizes the way children read today. The patent-pending technology has won several awards and received press attention worldwide.

MXR has also confirmed a deal with Sanrio Digital to bring HelloKitty into Mixed Reality. Their first demo has been shown at GDC2009 which has received a lot of interests.

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NRF Research Fellowship 2009

The Singapore National Research Foundation (NRF) invites brilliant, young researchers who are ready for their first independent research appointments to apply for the prestigious NRF Research Fellowship Awards.

Are you among the best in your research field?
Are you ready to lead your first independent research team?

Join the ranks of the elite NRF Research Fellows!

Apply now if you have a PhD degree from a reputable university and work at the forefront of research in your field. A prior post-doctoral stint at a renowned university or research organisation would be a great advantage.

The NRF Research Fellowship provides:

  • Complete freedom and independence to pursue your research direction in Singapore
  • A 3-year research grant of up to US$1.5 million, with a possible extension for another 3 years
  • A competitive salary
  • The opportunity for joint appointment at the host university or research institution
  • Freedom to select the host institution in Singapore

The NRF Research Fellowship is open to all talented scientists and researchers under the age of 40 years at the date of application, and within 10 years post-PhD. We welcome research in all disciplines of science and technology.

Please apply online at the following web-link before 06 Sep 2009:

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to Singapore to present their research work, meet local researchers and identify potential collaborators and host research organisations. Final selection for the awards will be made by the NRF Scientific Advisory Board co-chaired by Dr Curtis Carlson (President & CEO of SRI International) and Prof. Ulrich Suter (Professor of Polymer Materials, ETH Zurich).

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