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MDA/’s “Future of Media” strategy aims to catalyse growth in the interactive digital media (IDM) sector by clustering our local industry to create leading positions in targeted areas, namely FutureTV, FutureMobile, FutureGames, FutureWorlds and FutureBooks. Each of the five Futures will create a collective vision and leverage on one another/’s strengths to shape the media landscape.

The aim of the Future of Media strategy is to bring together a complementary best-of-breed offerings, and to allow the industry to leverage on one other/’s customer base, market access, and partners. Through such interactions, we believe the industry will be inspired to innovate.

FutureTV, the first of the Futures to be launched at Broadcast Asia 2009, is an industry initiative with a partner network of 13 founder companies, supported by MDA, which are coming together to shape the future of TV. The FutureTV Partner Network is co-chaired by Mr Shaun Seow, Deputy CEO of MediaCorp, and Mr Tan Tong Hai, COO of StarHub. Other founder companies include Glocal Media Networks, PGK Media, ServTouch-ETI, SingTel-BIC, EON Reality, and Ufinity, as well as MNCs like Microsoft and Motorola. Upon the initiative/’s formal launch, we expect the FutureTV Partner Network to grow its membership to between 50 to 100 companies, which are engaged in the visual media business.

The initial collaborations amongst the FutureTV Partner Network are:

The Partner Network is committed to support the growth of the industry by putting forth a combined commercial ‘muscle/’ to help companies build innovative offerings and access global markets. For example, with the combined customer reach of founder members like MediaCorp and StarHub, companies could impact every Singaporean. Through StarHub, companies could gain access to triple play on mobile, cable TV and broadband services in Singapore. Network Partner, Glocal Media Networks, offers reach to more than 100 million users in the European Union.

The vision of the FutureTV Partner Network is to make Singapore a trusted Visual Media Capital by:

  1. Enabling Singapore as an “IDM Hub“ to aggregate and manage Intellectual Property, Distribute content to multiple geographies for multiple devices in multiple languages, and enable new ways to Monetise content (e.g. the ability to insert advertising into user generated content).
  2. Leveraging one another/’s strength to create the next generation of visual media experience for consumers.  

Partner Network

The following companies have agreed to join the FutureTV Partner Network. Each has committed resources for the rest of the Partner Network to leverage on:

Call for Proposal – FutureTV Applications and Services

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