The mobile has become a ubiquitous device that has the potential to transform industries ranging from education to health to payment. With 3 billion handsets and an estimated market size of over 1 trillion dollars, mobile is fast becoming the next generation computing platform for innovative products and services. Singapore can play a pivotal role in spawning cutting edge new application that will shape the Future of Mobile.

The FutureMobile aims to unite companies with a common goal of supporting and accelerating the success of new generation of high potential innovations on the mobile platform, through assembling the easiest platform for companies to experiment as well as commercialise their products and services across different markets.

Partner Network

Some of the founding members of the FutureMobile Partner Network are listed below. Each has committed resources for the rest of the Partner Network to leverage on.

  • SingTel: SingTel has committed resources to bring innovative mobile applications and services to market. SingTel is granting access to its 230 million subscribers as well as offering market intelligence for companies to better understand the market demands from different countries. SingTel will also provide marketing support to help companies commercialize their products successfully across the region. Finally, it will commit its technology infrastructure such as its payment and hosting platform for companies to leverage on.
  • Nokia: Nokia/’s global developer program, Forum Nokia connects developers to tools, technical information, support, and distribution channels they can use to build and market applications around the globe. Nokia will be providing Nokia Device Preload and Promotional opportunities, technical support and information for Singapore developers and a global distribution channel to consumers through the Ovi Store and other Nokia channels, and Regional Operator Channel Deployment opportunities.
  • Friendster: Friendster is committed to support innovative products/services that broaden mobile social networking. It will provide access to its 100 million registered users as well as strategic placements of these products/services on its homepage and newsletter. Friendster is also offering its wallet system to help companies in payment.
  • Apple: Apple will provide technical assistance via its standard iPhone Developer Program Support Program.
  • Mozat: Mozat, a leading technology platform in mobile social network, is committed to support applications that are built on its Morange platform. It provides market access of 4.8M of which supported applications can tap on. Mzoat also provides technical support for application developers. Finally, it offers 100% revenue-share with the first 10 applications selected.

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