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The Media Development Authority (MDA) has launched its thrust of the “Future of Media” Initiative to catalyse growth in the interactive digital media (IDM) sector. In 2009, we included Future Mobile, Future Games, Future TV, Future Worlds and Future Books.

The vision of Future of Media is to pull together companies and combine collectively their user base, distribution networks, development platforms and marketing/ promotion resources with a common goal of accelerating the path to global market and success. Under each Future area, a Partner Network will serve to form a compelling platform for other companies to experiment and commercialise their offerings.

Partner Network

The MDA aims to build a self sustaining mini ecosystem by clustering start-ups, small & medium enterprises and key anchor companies in each of the five areas (cluster called “Partner Networks”). Each Partner Network is encouraged to evolve its own developments based on commercial needs and interests. Companies can benefit from being part of the Partner Network by:

  • Synergising to bring about the best of breed offerings;
  • Leveraging on one another/’s customer base, market access and partners;
  • Harnessing one another/’s capabilities;
  • Inspiring and facilitating innovation; and
  • Jointly make Calls for Proposals.

MDA/’s Support

Through industry feedback, MDA understands that companies in this sector face industry challenges in the areas of access to global markets, fragmented local demand, scale and access to funding. MDA will provide support to fuel growth of this sector through facilitating partnership opportunities for our local companies and match making them with other like-minded industry players:

Projects arising from Partner Networks in these five areas could tap on MDA/’s funding schemes for support.

Call for Participation

MDA is calling for participation in each of the 5 Future areas. Companies which are interested to respond to this Call for Participation may indicate their interest by sending an email to MDA_IMG@mda.gov.sg.

Announcements for Call for Proposals

Future Mobile, Future Games and Future Worlds have announced Calls for Proposals. Proposals will be jointly evaluated by MDA and our network partners.

In addition, MDA made a Call for Proposals to identify and groom home-grown Game Publishers. While there are many game intellectual properties (IPs) being developed locally, there/’s insufficient avenues for publishing IPs. This Call for Game Publishers aims to build up core competencies in publishing and distributing game products and services to help publish local game IPs. Please refer to sections behind for more information on each area of the Future of Media.

Call for Proposal has closed but we are always on a look out for good ideas. You can still submit your proposals through our support schemes page.

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