From imagination to reality

IMAGINE you are in a library searching for a book - and simply cannot find it.

Imagine being able to call up a 3D map of the library which can give you the precise location of the book, and show you how to get there.

Or imagine you are in the market to buy a yet-to-be completed house. Instead of going to see a physical showroom of the property, imagine being able to call up a 3D virtual showroom and "walking through" it. Then imagine being able to change the decorations, furnishings and wall colours of this 3D home.

Or imagine you are stuck in a long taxi queue outside a shopping centre - and the queue is not moving. Imagine being able to call up, on your handheld device, real-time images of the txi queues at nearby locations, allowing you to proceed to the taxi stand with the shortest waiting time.

Or what about being able to walk through a museum of masterpieces - digitised versions which are displayed in 3D- that you have selected to view from a list of artwork? Or even being able to post a video message you have created on advertising billboards around the island?

Wwell, you do note have to imagine any more. Research is already ongoing for these five projects - as well as 10 others that similiarly aim to exploit 3D virtual and digital media technologies for commercial use.

These 15 projects were recently greenlighted for funding by the multi-agency Interactive Digital Media (IDM) Research and Development Programme Office (IDMPO) hosted by the Media Development Authority of Singapore. They will receive a total of about S$12 million in funding.

Read about the 15 projects

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