Founder Institute Singapore Summer 2012 Applications are Open!

Apply below to join the Founder Institute, where a growing number of Mentors and Partners will help you build a world-class technology company from Singapore. Everything about the Institute is designed to be 'founder-friendly,' from the economic terms to the supportive environment.

The Institute is looking for passionate people to apply, whether you are thinking to launch a new technology company or running a startup that's less than a couple years old. The Institute supports Founders in a wide range of industries, including digital media, software, biotech, cleantech, ecommerce, advertising, consumer electronics, and the internet. You don't even need to quit your job to attend the evening sessions. The application takes a few minutes to complete, and applications are processed as they are received.

We have in SGFI Fall 2011 graduated 13 founders and 12 companies, we are now a family of 52 companies with 59 founder graduates from Singapore!

Note Best: With the provision of a subsidy approved by Spring Singapore, Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents will only need to pay subsidized course fees of $600 SGD.

Additionally: SGFI will also be giving out between 5 to 8 scholarships to 5 Foreigner Applicants who are accepted worth S$500 per accepted founder.

Early Admissions

Apply by the Early Admissions Deadline of April 8th, 2012.
For a limited time only: apply early and the Institute will waive the $50 SGD Application Fee. [Use this promo code: b2]

There are three additional benefits to applying early. First, you have two chances to be accepted, as your application will be reviewed now, and then once again on the Final Application deadline. Second, if accepted, you have more time to review the course materials and prepare for the program. Third, you are guaranteed a position in the program, which tends to fill up very quickly.

We look forward to helping you launch a world-class business in 2012!

To apply please go

The goal for the Founder Institute is to amplify our message during this period of the launch, and we definitely need your help.

If you know any aspiring entrepreneurs who might be keen on changing their lives with Founder Institute, send them our way. We're live for Summer 2012 Season 5! Booyah!

Thanks very much.


Jeffrey Paine @jpaine
Director, Founder Institute Singapore @founding #sgfi

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