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China-Singapore Institute of Digital Media (CSIDM), CAS-NUS

The media of combining digital and interaction technologies is known as Interactive Digital Media (IDM). More and more IDM would emerge in the coming years and these would have significant effects to our society and life in the twenty-first century. Therefore we believe that it is the responsibility of people in academia to carry out interdisciplinary research that aim at the development of next generation IDM, taking social/psychological aspects into consideration in addition to engineering aspect. This is the reason we have established an interdisciplinary institute called: Digital & Interactive Media Institute (IDMI) in NUS.

The mission of IDMI is:
1. To facilitate interdisciplinary research between natural science and social science as the collaboration of these two areas is the key for the success of IDM.
2. Not only to focus on research, but to work as a bridge between academia and industry through prototyping, technology transfers, and establishment of spin-offs.
3. To be a global centre of excellence in IDM through these activities and to lead the R&D trend on IDM in a global level.

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