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Andrew Lam

Lecturer, SIDM, NYP

Tuck Weng Lai

Producer, SIDM, NYP

Phoebe Chew


Hazel Netto


Ron Ang

Art director, concept artist, modeler, texture artist for MEDGE

Annamalai Sridhar

Senior 3D Artist
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Nanyang Polytechnic

Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Interactive and Digital Media (SIDM) view research institute
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M-EDGE - Music-emotion driven game engine

Start Date:

1 Aug 2007

End Date:

Dec 2010

M-EDGE ("Music-Emotion Driven Game Engine") is an innovative project merging together music, games, physical computing and cognitive science research. The aim of the project is to assess and further investigate cognitive science topics to design and develop an interactive and emotionally-aware musical game engine that enables a completely new experience within music related video games. Using this engine as a development tool, game developers will be able to build content on top of it where players are not limited to control their actions in the virtual world by using standard interfaces, like a mouse or keyboard, but also to directly affect the game flow by expressing emotional content through the playing of a real musical instrument.

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