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Cinematics and Narratives: creating stories within real-time visual toolsets

This project is to leverage on advances in interactive games and apply the techniques to movie making (for movie directors) and movie appreciation (for audience).
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Aung Sithu Kyaw






1 Sep 1986

Sithu has been in software development industry for 6+ years and has a great passion in graphics programming and creating video games. He came from Myanmar and has been in Singapore for two and a half years now. He started working in Singapore as a research programmer for a global MBA school. After that he got a chance to enter the local game industry as a game programmer. He was involved as a lead programmer in implementation of 4Di project (a virtual reality environment projected on multi-touch screens) for Canberra Primary School which is one of the Singapore's Future School projects.

He holds a master degree from NTU major in Digital Media Technology. Over the past years he has worked with various game engines and frameworks including Torque, 3D Game Studio A7, Irrlicht, UDK, and Unity among others. Other than PC games development he is also familiar with console and mobile games development including XNA, homebrew NDS developments (devkit, libnds, etc), iPhone\iPod Touch, Windows Mobile 7, Android and J2ME technologies.

Sithu is currently working with Prof. Mark Chavez in CaN project as a Project Officer where he coordinates with School of Computer Engineering, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and helps implementing sensors and necessary tools required to build a movie system based on Unreal Development Kit (UDK).

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