Exploit Technologies Call for Proposals

Exploit Technologies is the technology transfer arm of the Agency for Science, Technology, and Research. The Interactive Digital Media Programme Office (IDMPO) and Exploit Technologies are looking for partners to raise funds through IDMPO Futurescape and i.JAM funding schemes and develop solutions using the technologies.

For more details on Exploit Technologies, please refer to Annex A.

Technology Offerings
Interested parties can submit proposals leveraging on the technologies not limiting to the following projects:

  • Fashion Latte is an online fashion catalogue aggregator solution which uses image recognition technologies to automatically match colours and patterns across catalogues and products.
  • Speech2Singing empowers the user to read lyrics and have the speech automatically converted to melody-perfect singing in-sync with the backing music track.
  • Audience Measurement uses a single webcam mounted on a display panel to automatically count faces, gender, age ranges, face position, and facial emotions.
  • Human Tracking enables real-time multi-camera tracking of moving objects, detect human shapes, and employing  robust face recognition to track humans.
  • Mobile User Locomotion Recognition is a real-time mobile app which can inform a service if the user is sitting down, standing, running, climbing, walking or has fallen down.
  • Location Liveliness is a mobile app service which compresses up-to 17 times a variety of raw data streams from on-phone sensors such as light, temperature, sound, GPS, accelerometer, to indicate the liveliness of a particular location.
  • Natural Speech Synthesis for Mandarin benchmarks tops in similiarity measures (how similar is the synthesized output from recorded human speech) in the 2008 Blizzard Challenge, which is an annual international speech research competition. Available also for Malay and English.
  • Mobile Interactive Multimedia Access System enables image recognition on-phone complete with video view tracking for real-time augmented reality information display.
  • Face Recognition has the potential to be made available as a real-time on-phone as well as a cloud service supporting Windows, Linuz, iOS, and Android.
  • Data Visualization Kit is a Java-based real-time interactive library for multi-dimensional data analytics supporting complex network, geospatial, and sematic data visualization.
  • Scalable Multimedia Platform is a platform built on the standards-based extension of the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video compression specifications. The platform provides standards-compliant encoder, transcoder and intelligent streaming server supporting existing decoders that auto-adapt and optimise the playing back of the packet bit-streams to available network bandwidth.
  • Interactive Media technologies include mobile 3D Face Reconstruction, mobile High Dynamic Range photogarphy with auto-alignment and de-ghosting, Auto Music-beat Extraction, Auto Virtual Dance Sequencer, mobile cloud Application Deployment Kit.
  • I²R Tech Fest 2012
  • I²R Research Overview August 2012
  • ETPL I²R Tech Offers

Technology Licensing
Details on the licensing terms & conditions for using the Exploit Technologies are extracted below:

Typical terms in a technology license

  • Non-exclusive or exclusive
  • Field of use and territory
  • Term of license
  • Sublicensing rights
  • Financial provisions
  • Warranty and indemnity
  • Grant back rights
  • Performance milestones

Some Typical Terms

  • Royalty rates to be negotiated (typically 2 to 10% of sales revenue); Minimum royalty payments to be backloaded
  • Standard A*STAR confidentiality, indemnity and warranty terms
  • Performance clauses based on business plans of the company
  • Termination for cause only

Option to Evaluate

  • 30- 90 day, no-fee option to assess commercial value and performance of IP (non-exclusive)
  • Restriction of use to evaluation and marketing activity only
  • Standard A*STAR confidentiality, indemnity and warranty terms
  • License agreement put in place if company exercises option after evaluation

Eligibility and Funding Support
This call is open to all Singapore-based startups and organisations.

We are seeking proposals with innovative solutions to connect the R&D technologies into industry applications. Proposals must be accompanied with clear R&D breakthrough and impact, which will eventually lead to potential commercialisation.

Funding awarded cannot be used to support overseas R&D activities. All funding awarded must be used to carry out the research activities in Singapore.

The support available are:

  • i.JAM microfunding scheme for startups
  • Futurescape scheme for industry (SMEs and larger companies). Co-funding from the industry is expected for Futurescape support.
  • Testbedding support from IDM Innovation Platforms

Proposals will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  • High-technical-merit research and innovation that is novel, internationally competitive and can lead to breakthrough results.
  • Excellent execution by an experienced research team, with a good track record and whose members have the relevant and complementary expertise.
  • Economic benefits to Singapore in terms of capabilities and manpower development as well as commercialisation spin-offs.

The evaluation process will be carried out as such: All proposals eligible for funding will be forwarded to IDMPO for shortlist and evaluation. Proposals applied under the i.JAM scheme will be forwarded to IDMPO appointed incubator for evaluation.

Briefing Session

The briefing session will be held on 7 Sep 2012 (Fri), 10am.

Interested parties may RSVP through the link  http://eastar.eventshub.sg/ems_wb_Details.aspx?CalID=28&EventID=955172 by 3 Sep 2012 (Mon).

Details on the location:

Briefing Session Agenda:

9.30am Registration
10.00am Briefing by Interactive Digital Media Programme Office
10.30am ETPL
11.30am Networking

Proposal Submission and Submission Period

  • Please refer to our iJAM (application form) and Futurescape application templates
  • All submissions must be completed and sent to mda_idmpo_officer1@mda.gov.sg and CC: mda_idmpo_F11_crew@mda.gov.sg. Closing date for submissions is 1 Oct 2012 .


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