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Catalyst Connector’s “Social Media Energy” Networking Event

Catalyst Connector is trialling a different method of facilitating dialog and connecting interests [ think *social experiment]. No dress codes [no, you don't have to dress up as santa]. Everyone has a say. Learn something new. Innovate on-the-spot. Meet your business match. Find a partner. Grab a project.

SOCIAL MEDIA ENERGY encourages participants to engage in meaningful conversation and build deep relationships with peers, thought-leaders and partners.You conference, keynote, discuss, network and connect at the same time! We catalyse social interaction with activities designed to bring down barriers, maximize productive conversations and build useful, lasting connections. Participants will leave with new ideas, new connections and new friendships.

Seats are COMPLIMENTARY  but are very limited [no kidding] so please do as soon as possible. See you over some beers, bites and guest surprises.

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SOCIAL MEDIA ENERGY is a Networking Event that focuses on facilitating dialog and nurturing connections and relationships through a set of social gatherings and activities designed to bring down barriers and maximize productive conversations and connections.
Participants will leave with new ideas, new connections and new friendships. Join us for this unique opportunity to energize your online and offline networking.


5:00pm - Registration
5:30pm - Introduction and Welcome: - Felix Lee

5:45pm- Social Media Energy Networking

9:00pm- The Beginning

Sparker: Felix Lee
Felix is Project Director at Catalyst Connector, where he focuses on the conceptualization, strategy, and operations of B2B and B2C programmes, utilizing interactive people-centric solutions for a diverse range of industries. His intermediary role seeks to enhance projects by matching alliances, technology and funds. As a mentor with MDA, he has a keen eye for what works.
In previous incarnations, Felix has been involved in M&A of investee companies, and advises several companies on funds, alliances and marketing initiatives. He has also managed lifestyle and corporate solutions with collaborative elements applying entertainment, brand imaging, PR, CRM, commerce, crisis and knowledge management

Sparker: Aneace Haddad
Aneace Haddad is CEO of Taggo, a start-up that brings Facebook fan recognition to the point of sale.

Sparker: Aaron Koh
Aaron Koh is a prominent blogger and thought leader on Social Media.

Sparker: Edmund Ng
Edmund Ng is CEO of Internet Empire, a company that specializes in Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing

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