AWS for Game and Media Innovation – Calls

AWS for Game and Media Innovation

MDA IDMPO, FutureMedia and FutureWorld Co-Space Test-Beds are coming together to organize the Accelerator Workshop Series (AWS) for Game and Media Innovation. The lead partners of this initiative are MatchMove Games, MyAppsMall, ASUS Technology, PrimeSense, Razer, SingTel, iCELL Network, MediaCorp, Microsoft, Nokia and  EON Reality.

We aim to use the AWS process to

  • Accelerate the deployment of innovative Singapore-made games, mobile and TV apps
  • Crowd source innovative apps for digital advertising on digital screen panels and games
  • Match these innovations to the needs of the Sectors


Demand Drivers & Calls

The following partners are launching their calls:

Company Call
MatchMove Games Call for Games
My AppsMall Call for Mobile Apps
ASUS Technology Call for Innovation with Xtion Pro Live
PrimeSense Call for Innovation on Depth Sensor
Razer Call for Switchblade User Interface Apps
SingTel Mobile Innovative Multi-Screen Apps
MediaCorp The Future OOH Services
Microsoft Call for Windows 8 N-Screen Apps
Nokia Call for Windows Phone N-Screen Cloud –Connected Apps
EON Reality Call for Innovative Technology & Apps for Interactive Mirror
iCell Call for Innovative Advertisement Solutions on Multi-Screens




MatchMove’s Call For Games Interest:

  • Online Browser-based Social, Casual & Skill Games
  • Smartphone HTML5 Social, Casual & Skill Games
    • Developed in Adobe Flash, HTML5 or other languages
    • Uses AppKungfu API set (if required)
    • Suitable  for iOS, Android or web browsers on PC

*Special attention will be given to cross-platform games or skill games


  • Game distribution channels to big and famous networks e.g. Genting, Vietnam+, Okezone etc.
  • Game exposure to millions of users every month
  • Effective advertising through partner network, Newspaper & Print and SMS blasts
  • Effective promotion through online and on-ground events with attractive prizes
  • More than 30 payment providers and 80% coverage in SEA
  • Easy game integration and setup with advanced AppKungfu APIs



MyAppsMall Call For Mobile App Interest:

  • Education / Students
  • People On The Go (e.g. Drivers / Sales)
  • Local Relevant Content (Expat Users / Geo-local relevant apps)
  • Specific Relevant Industries (e.g. Agricultural / Nursing)


  • Asia’s largest multi-market mobile operator with over 434 million subscribers
  • MyAppsMall is currently live with the major operators in Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore & Thailand
  • Various payment channel including Operator Billing, Credit Cards, Prepaid, Post-paid
  • Free Distribution and Hosting and attractive revenue share
  • Effective marketing & promotions through posters, radio channels, on-ground activation and challenges etc.
  • Full-self Service Online Tool for Application Upload & Tracking



ASUS Technology Call For Innovation with Xtion PRO LIVE Interest:

  • Creative UI for home entertainment
  • Creative UI for browser
  • Games / Apps for ASUS Xtion store with multiplayer support preferred
  • Voice command applications
  • AR applications


  • Global brand with high revenue. Xtion will be launched worldwide shortly
  • Offer cooperation agreement with the participants for their qualified software
  • Offer co-marketing program to ASUS partners, and assist to promote their contents
  • Support event promotion to increase exposure
  • Provide ASUS Xtion PRO LIVE for the development



PrimeSense Call For Innovation On Depth Sensor Interest:

  • Computer Vision / Image Analysis module with smart usage of depth map output of 3D sensor
    • Skeleton, partial skeleton (Upper body, hands) and movement tracking
    • Object Recognition, Scene Segmentation, Anti-aliased Background Removal
    • Face Tracking, Face Orientation, Face Recognition
    • Weight/Volume Estimation
    • Analytics and Environment Awareness
    • Mix of RGB and RGBD Analysis
    • Age/Gender Estimation etc.


  • Adopt qualified modules developed by participants
  • Pro-active help by OpenNI and PrimeSense to generate industry leads for commercial applications
  • Promotion via the OpenNI media channels and online community
  • Provide sensors and technical support for the development



SingTel Mobile – Call for Innovative Multi-Screen Apps Interest:Mobile to screen interactive apps for targeted segments (Tourist and Prepaid)

  • Innovative multi-screen apps (SingTel customers can use their mobile phones to play games/post  comments and interact with digital screens.  MCommerce (eg. e-ticketing, cashless purchase via phone)
  • Multi language support

Examples of innovative mobile applications

  • Functional - Telecommunication Service Info and Purchase, Loyalty programme
  • Information – Shopping and F&B Perks; Popular Spots; Accommodation; Events/Festivals/Concerts/Exhibitions
  • Social Networking Integration
  • Trip Planner – Default & Customisable; By interest (e.g. Museums, Food,  POI), Activate by LBS (SingTel Network Prepaid or Roaming)
  • Banner ads with interactive function


  • Access to 3.5M SingTel Mobile customers
  • Opportunity to tap on screens at selected SingTel retailer touchpoints  and electronic channels



iCELL Call For Innovative Advertisement Solutions on Multi-Screens Interest:

  • Enable increased use of digital panels with wireless technology
  • Increase Advertising revenue for clients
  • Ease transaction/operation problems
  • Increase ad spend and no of advertisers using the panels
  • Innovative usage of digital panels


  • 780K  Wireless@SG subscribers
  • iCELL Wireless@SG hotspots
  • Access  to  digital panels in malls and locations (eg Downtown, Sentosa, ChinaTown)
  • 3D screen technologies
  • Mobile media delivery
  • WiFi Location based services database in malls
  • e-commerce platforms



MediaCorp :  The Future  OOH services Interest:

  • Interactive screens
  • Reliable Real time video streaming broadband and 3G telco transmission
  • Integration of relevant data to outdoor audience eg bus arrival time
  • Games – interactive mobile phone apps ( iPhone, andriod and other OS ) with existing screens
  • 3D solutions, Augmented Reality in particular with existing static posters
  • Analytics of interactivity and response to campaign


  • Bus commuters and shoppers in prime locations
  • 21 digital screens in 20 bus shelters and 6 big screens
  • MediaCorp advertisers and major agencies
  • Promotional testbed campaigns on all mentioned digital panels

Microsoft Call for Windows 8 N-Screen applications


  • Companies developing for several platforms (mobile, phone/tablet, web)
  • Top applications in the following categories  (gaming, navigation, utility)
  • Companies with interesting applications that wants to be ported over to other platforms


  • Training and Technical ConsultationAccess to Windows Store and Marketplace
  • Prominent promotional placement for deserving applications
  • BizSpark software suite and cloud support technologies.


Razer Call for Switchblade User Interface Apps Interest:

  • Game integration app
  • Developing on a new pioneering technology
  • Content development to utilize the secondary touchscreen display panel


  • The world leader in premium gaming hardware, a global cult brand, and industry leader in gaming user interfaces
  • A global reach with offices in US, Singapore, Korea, China, and Germany
  • Market leaders in gaming peripherals.
  • Nine core gaming product line; Mice, keyboards, audio, mouse mats, console, systems, licensed products, software and accessories.
  • Developed app will be exposed to millions of users worldwide.
  • SBUI enabled devices across two platforms, Razer Blade and the Star Wars the Old Republic keyboard.



Nokia Call for Windows Phone N-Screen Cloud-Connected Applications Interest:

  • Cloud based context-aware applications/solutions that demonstrate quick and seamless content transfer and transaction between devices (smartphones, tablets, mounted displays)


  • Free Windows Phone/Metro Training
  • Loaner device – Nokia Lumia 800 or 610
  • Marketing and App-merchandising
    • On-device: Marketplace, App Highlights
    • Digital: Nokia Facebook, Twitter
    • Print: Newspaper editorials, advertisements
    • Retail stores: App Cards in Nokia Stores


EON Reality – Call for Innovative Technology & Applications for Interactive Mirror Interest:

  • Increase the usage of EON interactive 3D augmented reality (AR) technology in Retail, Healthcare and Education.
    • To create new shopping and marketing experience
    • To create new way to visualize human anatomy and improve communication between healthcare provider and patient
    • To create new interactive learning experience
    • Increase end user/customer loyalty
    • Increase industry and subject matter expert’s participation


  • CapitaLand, HPB and International partnerships
  • Access across 17 International Interactive Digital Centres (IDC)  locations
  • Promotions with the approval of clients and strategic partners
  • Event related promotions in SGP eg. F1, GSS, Gardens by the Bay



Nation as a Platform for Innovation

The Nation as a Platform for Innovation program is making the following test-bed and R&D resources available to all innovators:


4000 Test Users for focus group or user testing
Audience Measurement API & Devices
TV Set Top Boxes
PrimeSensor Development Kit
Digital Displays/Touch Panels
10mx6m Large LED Wall
DVB Receivers
CloudyRec - server-side backend platform for mobile applications and games
Mobile Data SIM Cards
Microsoft Bizpark - suite of software for start-ups
Micro-payments on Mobile MOZAT Studio
Nokia Developer Resources Windows Phone SDK 7.1
Game Factory
AppKungfu API Set for Games Dev (MatchMove Games)
TQ Motor Game Engine
JX Engine for Multiplayer Games
Singapore 3D Models
TV Game Consoles & Devices
Free access to Zendesk Plus+ for 12 months (Customer Support Package)

Start-up Incubator Support

Crystal Horse Investments


  • Receive lightning fast fundings after approval from CHI
  • Exposure to existing users through some of our current incubatees that are in the media and gamification industry
  • Secure access to our invaluable networks with Angels and VCs locally and internationally
  • Tap into CHI's invaluable experience and networks in Malaysia and around SEA
  • Receive free assistance and support with regards to business development, accounting, legal, marketing and software (technical) related problems


SITF’s 123JumpStart

123Jumpstart seeks to provide a holistic approach in nurturing startups. The platform aims to be a one-stop shop that avails startups to a broad range of resources such as:


  • Mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and captains of the infocomm industry
  • Funding and incubation support
  • Access to network of SiTF members in the infocomm technology industry
  • Leverage on the various partner incubators, VCs and angels for follow-on funding
  • Incubation space for startups
  • Startup networking events, seminars, workshops and training


Funding Support

Suitable innovative R&D projects can apply for the following funding schemes:

R&D Start-ups – iJAM microfunding support for start-ups
Companies (R&D) – Futurescape Co-funding support for SMEs and larger companies
Start-ups and companies – Development Assistance, Production Assistance


Timeline of AWS for Game & Media Innovation

CALL Start (14th - 15th Jun 2012)
  • Expression of Interests by demand drivers
  • Demand drivers outline needs and support offerings
CROWD SOURCE Start to Week 5 (16th Jun - 20th Jul 2012)
  • Innovation Partners submit proposals to answer calls by demand drivers by 13th Jul 2012
  • Shortlist proposals submitted by Innovation Partners by 20th Jul 2012

Use this template :


CONNECT Partner Workshop: Week 6
(23rd – 27th Jul 2012)
  • Shortlisted Innovation Partners present Initial demos of concept proposal to Demand Drivers.
  • Projects being evaluated and selected by a panel consisting of Demand Drivers, MDA and Test-Beds, and advance to the next stage
CONSTRUCT Week 7 to Week 10 (30th Jul - 25th Aug 2012)
  • Innovation Partners refine concept proposals with the help and guidance of Demand Drivers*

*Depending on the availability of each demand driver

CONVINCE Pitching Day: Week 11 (TBC)
  • Final Demo & Pitching to Demand Driver CXO and high net worth individuals.
  • Selected Innovation Partners with help to demo & pitch the concept proposal to his CXO.
  • Qualifying projects would be evaluated for possible funding support.
  • Demand Driver/To-Market partners will be committed to take successful projects to market both locally & overseas.



Call for Interest & Briefing Sessions


Session A : Call For Game and Media Innovation: (registration)
14th Jun

1:00pm – 1:30pm
Opening & Introduction on AWS & Nation as a Platform for Innovation

1:30pm – 2:30pm
MatchMove’s Call For Games
MyAppsMall Call For Mobile Apps

2:30pm – 3:00pm
Tea break

3:00pm – 4:00pm
ASUS Technology Call For Innovation with Xtion Pro Live
PrimeSense Call For Innovation on Depth Sensor
Razer Call For Switchblade Apps

4:00pm – 5:30pm

Update : The presentation slides:

MatchMove’s Call For Games [Presentation][Video]

MyAppsMall Call For Mobile App[Presentation][Video]

ASUS Technology Call For Innovation with Xtion PRO LIVE[Presentation][Video]

PrimeSense Call For Innovation On Depth Sensor[Presentation] [Video]

Razer Call for Switchblade User Interface Apps[Presentation]

Session B : Call For Game and Media Innovation (registration)
15th Jun

1:00pm – 1:15pm
Opening & Introduction on AWS & Nation as a Platform for Innovation

1:15pm – 2:30pm
SingTel Mobile – Call for Innovative Multi-Screen Apps
iCELL – Call for Innovative Advertisement Solutions on Multi-Screens
MediaCorp :  The Future OOH services

2:30pm – 3:00pm
Tea break

3:00pm – 4:45pm
Microsoft Call for Windows 8 N-Screen Applications
Nokia Call for Windows Phone N-Screen Cloud-Connected Applications
EON Reality – Call for Innovative Technology & Applications for Interactive Mirror

4:45pm – 5:30pm

Update : The presentation slides:




MediaCorp AWS

Microsoft AWS

Nokia AWS

SingTel FutureMedia AWS



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