Annex A: Demand Driver Needs and Offerings

Company Requirements Offerings
Starhub (Detailed Document)
  1. Apps and services to innovate  / test on the platform
  2. New data analytics methodologies to link database with other sources of unstructured data e.g. FB, Twitter


  1. 3X “anonymised”data sets of local subscribers: Contextual, location and demographic Information.
  2. Location Data from International roaming subscribers
  3. Data from tourist users of StarHub Tourism prepaid cards
Singapore Tourism Board
  1. Apps and services to enhance tourist experience
  2. Insights into: Tourist trends, visitor profile for long term planning
  1. Past visitor data sets
  2. Funding of adopted apps and services (Tourism Innovation Fund)
  3. Access to partners: OBAR, Wildlife Reserve Singapore.
Tourism Industry (requirements in general) Apps and services that will aid in the following:

  1. Insights into tourist movements on regular days and on festival days
  2. Identify tourist “hotspots”
  3. Understand viewership of outdoor advertising platforms
  4. Pushing out of contextual ads / offers / promotions to visitors (including cross promotion with partners)
  5. Resource pre planning intelligence
  1. Adoption of apps and services developed
  2. Past data on specific events
  3. Existing CRM data of visitors
  4. Outdoor advertising properties for innovation
  5. Relationship with other tourism partners to form larger eco-system offerings
Far East Hospitality (Detailed document)
  1. Strategic local experience trails that guests of our Village Hotels and tourists would benefit from
  2. Augmented Reality (not limited to just maps but creative features
  3. Location Based Services/Marketing
  4. Gamification
  5. Voice enabled “Singlish” translator
  1. Pilot trial at Far East Hospitality Village Hotels and Residences
  2. More opportunities to work on other applications including our other business units (eg. Retail, F&B)


Singapore Science Center
  1. Apps, Display technologies, Human Machine Interface, 4D experiences, AR and services to enhance visitor experience, in particular tourists who visit the centre and apps for tourists to continue their experience after leaving our shores.
  2. Apps and services to augment our traditional experiences (e.g. exhibits, web, blog etc)
  3. Way finding apps and layered information services based on location.
  4. Technology to uncover insights into: Tourist trends, visitor profile and consumption patterns for long term planning
  1. Visitor Opinions and onsite surveys/feedback
  2. User testing


Singapore Flyer
  1. Mobile apps to enhance experience via AR, audio/visual guide with social sharing
  2. Location-based marketing
  3. Mobile-ticketing (in development)
  1. Enhancing the tour experience for inbound passengers on stopover holidays
  2. Improve online customer experience on B2C and B2B websites
  1. Data on inbound tourists carried by SIA and SilkAir
  2. Data on the hotels and attractions that are popular with inbound tourists

Singapore Flyer is one of Singapore's iconic attractions, the world’s largest observation wheel at 165m high, offering breathtaking 360° panoramic views of the Singapore landscape and beyond. Launched in April 2008, Singapore Flyer has become one of Singapore's top attractions, a must visit in tourist’s itinerary .

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