Affiliates’ Corner @ SMU

“Transforming Innovations into Start-ups”
Date:   Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Time:   1830 - 2030 hrs
Venue: SMU Administration Building, Level 6, University Lounge
Affiliates' Corner brings together, intellectual property owners, innovators and experienced professionals who are interested in entrepreneurships to promote commercialization of innovations through generation of start-ups. Government agencies will also invited to share on schemes available to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.(AC will start at 6.30 pm on the third Wednesday of every month at the SMU Faculty Lounge.

The Academic Affiliate Programme (AAP) has collaborations with Educational Institutes of higher learning, research institutions in Singapore and abroad. It sources IPs best suited for a start-up company from its collaborators to promote to experienced professionals at AC. The programme facilitates SMU students, faculty and graduates to generate technology startups through commercialization of IPs from these institutions.

This session, SPRING Singapore will be sharing on entrepreneurship schemes available for starting up and Ngee Ann Poly on one of its IPs available for startup licensing.

“Entrepreneurship Development and Promotion” by SPRING Singapore
The presentation will include a brief overview of the Entrepreneurship landscape in Singapore, overview of SPRING Singapore, and the schemes & programmes available to promote entrepreneurship and support start-ups. It will also provide an overview of the Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE), a private and public sector movement aimed at creating a more entrepreneurial Singapore.

SPRING Singapore is the enterprise development agency responsible for helping Singapore enterprises grow. As a Manager in the Entrepreneurship Development Division, Ms Chong Hui Wen works with various partners to seed and nurture innovative start-ups and to build a pro-enterprise environment. This includes the administration of YES!Start-ups; YES! Schools; and the Incubator Development Programme (IDP)."
“Software Activation and Copy Protection Method” by Ngee Ann Poly
Ngee Ann Poly, an Academic Affiliates of SMU will share its IP well suited for a start-up company Mr Anand Ravi Deshpande, inventor of “Software Action and Copy Protection Method', will highlight the advantages and commercial usage of the technology.
Commercially viable prototype through Academic Affiliates' developed by SMU students stands $10,000 under AAP.

“A Start-ups Experience with government assistance” by Manga Castle
Sylvia Yao, founder of Manga Castle, recipient of SPRING YES! Grant will share her start-ups experience, leveraging on the Innovation & Entrepreneurship ecosystem in Singapore.

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