Annex B – Co creation partners (Industry)

Classification Organisations Offerings
  1. Circos Brand Karma
  2. Munshi Labs
  3. BestPeer
  1. Social media sentiment analysis & reputation management for hospitality sector
  2. Analytics tool and gamification to reward user engagement, gather feedback for dip-testing market research
  3. Data Sharing and Analytic Platform for Corporate Network applications
  1. Cube (2359)
  2. Rival Edge
  3. EventNook (CPE)
  4. Game Maki
  5. Stream Media
  6. Squiryl
  7. Hoiio
  8. InClass
  9. Ravesquare
  10. SqrDots
  11. Gradeful
  12. Appriqot
  13. Heyawanna Labs
  14. Mesixty
  15. Medisherpa
  16. Gozo Labs
  17. PigeonLab
  18. Generocity
  1. Currently developing interface for Sentosa
  2. Cloud based data storage for Mobile Media
  3. Event recommendation app. Also have ready online event
  4. Gamification platform provider
  5. Location based services and booking, mobile travel guide and payment solution
  6. Social Platform developed to make customer loyalty fun with redemption of rewards
  7. Communication Platform for 3rd party developers to extend the existing communication infrastructure to key countries
  8. Interactive digital platform immerse students within the rapidly changing business eco-system in Asia
  9. Location-based application connects buffet lovers. Highlights ongoing promotions
  10. One-stop portal for medical tourist t private specialists and patients manage appointments
  11. Tourist focused adventure scrapbook challenge on the mobile phone
  12. Mobile advertising and tracking
  13. Collaborative Facebook integrated itinerary planning platform
  14. iPad guide application with personalised social-media 'folding map' for Singapore location
  15. Medical tourism platform that connects international patients with health care, travel, and tourism options outside their home country
  16. Sentiment Analysis of Tourism Social Media
  17. Intuitive platform‐agnostic real‐time conference Q&A and data collection tool
  18. Rewards program catered to inbound tourists from China
  1. GenieAgent
  2. Cooliris
  3. Eurekaism
  4. Paywhere
  5. Wildfire
  6. eyes2market
  7. Reading Room
  8. MobDis (2359)
  9. Knorex
  10. Social@Work
  1. Augmented Reality Translation technology
  2. Real time messaging and immersive 3D mobile advertising
  3. Low cost app developer targetting SMEs.
  4. TackThis - social e commerce solution for SMEs to integrate shops into websites
  5. Social marketing agency
  6. Tourism marketing and PR services (UK based)
  7. Digital consultancy. Worked with Australia and UK tourism board. FEO existing client
  8. Rich media mobile advertising platform
  9. Text mining and data integration platform. Augmented reality platforms
  10. Community System for Sharing and Integrating Travel Information generated by users in community
  1. NUsense
  2. NUSSpeak
  3. CouCou
  4. Geovid
  5. Kai Square
  6. Noisestreet
  7. Enterprise Intelligence
  8. Ontonix
  9. FlickEvents
  10. Studio Now & Then
  11. Flightmedia
  12. Tech Futurism
  13. MMQA
  14. Crowd Density Sensing
  15. Indoor Localisation
  16. CtrlWorks
  17. Cloud Business Intelligence (Epic)
  18. Tigerspike
  19. Human Network Labs (SG)
  20. Techsailor
  1. Geo prediction of tweets for social network monitoring and brand management
  2. Speech evaluation technology
  3. Ubiquitous information information system using NFC tagging
  4. Video meta tagging technology
  5. Video Analytics and intelligence
  6. Real-time Interactivity+ Multiplayer Gaming  platform for Digital Signages via smartphones
  7. Research solution provider (UK based UKTI funded)
  8. BI technology for data analysis (Italian based)
  9. Comprehensive solutions for event registration, survey taking, EDMs and mobile conference & events tools
  10. Interactive, location-based guided tours
  11. Insight data collection for traffic flow in locations and present intelligent business report
  12. Interactive virtual reality for tourists
  13. Social Networking service based multimedia question answering
  14. Estimate crowd density technique to analyse video scene
  15. Detect devices or people who are indoors
  16. Telepresence Puppet is a mobile interactive kiosk. Interact with visitors or act as a directory over the Internet
  17. BI software supports various data mining and knowledge discovery algorithms
  18. Cross-platform technology solutions to form closer relationships with customers, employees, and partners
  19. Precise indoor localization Technology
  20. Retrieving pre trip data and also a solution to put out information via devices located at venues which can allow movement tracking
Travel guide
  1. GuideGecko
  2. nFlicks
  3. Tocco Studios
  4. Travelogy (
  5. LDR
  6. Tripvial
  7. Spawt
  8. Little Voice Games
  9. Travelogy (ComeSingapore)
  1. Mobile travel platform with interactive maps and AR
  2. Mobile travel guide
  3. On site interactive mulit touch directory
  4. Location based point of interest directory
  5. Web based mobile content authoring tool for interaction. Has location based tech including GPS, image recognition and AR
  6. Interactive mobile travel guide publishing
  7. Platform for location based recommendation
  8. Interactive game designed to showcase Singapore as a tourist attraction
  9. Digital travel guide (location-based) and itinerary planner that provides digital marketing solutions


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